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What the future holds in store for his work, I’m sure Ivanovich himself would be reluctant to speculate. But he can be sure that there will be future experimentation, growth and discovery. The creative process will continue, and, along the way, Ivanovich will leave an artistic legacy that will be studied and admired in years to come.
— Bob Riepanhoff, Art Critic
This technique was something no one had ever seen before. People would just stare at his paintings in shock and appreciation. Even the artists who thought they were the best were in awe. His work is breathtaking, sensual and intimate. As well as bold, vibrant and plethora of colors dancing on the canvas. Ivanovich is the most imaginative, and innovative artist in the entire world.
— Welton Brady, Master artist and former student of Mr.Ivanovich
The diversity of the art of Ivanovich indicates that true nature of the artist as I understand the term conceptually. Ivanovich does not allow himself to become stagnant either in technique, style or media. His work flows with his mind back and forth between artistic styles and personal experience searching for newness. Many artists move just beyond the fringe of their identifiable style but few have the courage to leave it altogether and develop a totally new concept of form and content.
— Kenneth Cottingham, Art Critic
In his spontaneous watercolors executed in the “frozen” technique, Ivanovich demonstrates expressiveness, vitality and richness. Ivanovich’s works are characterized by a rhythmic composition, which leaves impression of an easy motion giving to the paintings equivalent of musical character. Colors and drawings are applied with confidence of a master whom diligent work will make an irreproachable stylist in this /frozen/ watercolor technique. The color in Ivanovich’s painting s is associative and intensive and applied with consideration to reciprocal harmony.
— Ratka Cetkovic, Art Critic
Ivanovich’s paintings arouse associative and sentimental moods, memories of spaces and peoples who smell of a definite romantic melancholy. Color, the unified factor of harmonious compositions, coordinates uniformly all painted elements. His /Ivanovich’s/ paintings possess a developed internal rhythm and on the surface are expressed in a logical organization of the entire composition.
— Milan Marovic and Jovanka Vujacic, Art Critics
Ivanovich’s glowing colors and human figures are masterfully orchestrated with a cubist sense of fragmented space. Yet the total effect is one of dreamlike displacement. The figures rise like ghosts of the past...
— Kevin Lynch, “Milwaukee Journal”, Art Critic
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